Hi, my name is Rob Puffett and I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in Sydney, Australia. This blog has grown out of my experiences as an ESL teacher over many years, and from experiences in the corporate world as an English Language Teaching (ELT) consultant for a major educational publishing company.

This blog is a departure from other ELT blogs that cover the ‘nuts & bolts’ of ELT, such as how to teach grammar, listening, pronunciation and so on.

The aim of this blog is to cover more active and contemporary ideas of ELT and teaching in general as well as not directly related topics, to create a ‘lifestyle’ magazine type blog. It is for ESL teachers and other ELT industry practitioners.

Topics could include but not limited to:

  • Culture – Western, Eastern, Pop, Youth
  • Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy
  • Educational theory – ESL, General, Age specific
  • Contemporary and active lesson ideas (see Project section)
  • Audio Visual material – Pictures, YouTube, TED, ESL specific
  • Links – both ESL and non-ESL
  • Funny stuff – Cartoons, Observations
  • Travel and tourism (see Project section)

Think of this blog as the stuff that teachers discuss in the staffroom. It is not only the ‘nuts & bolts’ of ELT and ESL, but the more interesting parts of our jobs, the observations, the jokes, the arguments and the ups and downs.

This blog is for you, so please comment and reply, and please submit and share and let’s reinvent English!

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