Example Lesson Plan 1 (12 to 15 books)

A demonstration lesson showcasing ‘Reinvent English’ (formerly named ‘English Alive’), that was part of my Master of Creative Enterprise studies completed through Central Queensland University. A pub trivia style lesson about the world, for English language students from the Sydney College of English. Recorded at the Seymour centre, Sydney, on December 11, 2012.

Attached below are the 5 documents that were used for the lesson. A remarkably successful lesson where students learn interesting facts about the world e.g. populations, wealth, websites, celebrities and so on and win prizes in the process. I guesstimate this took me a day to a day and a half to create (8-12 hours)

The students enjoyed this as they were familiar with the topics and it was active, entertaining and a break from the classroom in an interesting location. They practiced all 4 skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking . All up it takes close to 2 hours to complete and it is a weather proof option.

If you were to create something similar to this, that would earn you 12 – 15 books depending on the quality of the lesson plan, the design and number of documents and whether there were pictures/videos to accompany the documents. Please watch the 2 videos below.

Please email me at robert.puffett@reinventenglish.com with any queries.

Do you want to learn about the world promotional flyer

The World Lesson final draft 3 lesson plan

World Lesson PDF version of PowerPoint (Actual Powerpoint available upon request)

Group work – World lesson group worksheet

Individual worksheet – world lesson individual worksheet

and part 2




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