Example Lesson Plan 2 (8 to 11 books)

Attached below are the question sheet and vocabulary sheet for an end of course excursion to Centennial Park, Sydney. An active, healthy adventure where students walk (and sometimes run) all over the park getting answers to the questions from statues, monuments, signage and so on. The authors, myself and Jerome Kwo Tseng Vi, created this in 4 – 5 hours.

The students enjoy getting out into the fresh air surrounded by nature. It is active and outside of the classroom away from the concrete jungle of the city. They practice skimming and scanning for information, as well as following directions. All up it takes them about 2 hours to complete.

If you were to create something similar to this, that would earn you 8-11 books depending on the number of questions, the design of the document/s, and whether there were pictures/video to accompany the document.

Please email me at robert.puffett@reinventenglish.com with any queries.

Centennial Park Excursion Key Vocabulary Ideally this document would be given as homework or done in class before the excursion

Centennial Park Excursion worksheet completed on the day