Example Lesson Plan 3 (5 to 7 books)

Attached below are 4 versions and the answers for a 22 question quiz at a shopping centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney. A remarkably successful lesson where students walk (and sometimes run) around the centre getting answers to the questions from shop windows, centre signage and so on.

The 4 versions are all the same questions but just cut and pasted into different orders so the students don’t walk around as a big group. The author, David Chaplin, created this in 2 – 3 hours.

The students enjoy this as they are familiar with shopping centres and it is active and outside of the classroom. They practice skimming and scanning for information in a real world context . All up it takes them about an hour to complete and it is a weather proof option.

If you were to create something similar to this, that would earn you 5 – 7 books depending on the number of questions, the design of the document, and whether there were pictures to accompany the document.

Please email me at robert.puffett@reinventenglish.com with any queries.

Harbourside quiz V3

Harbourside quiz V4

Harbourside quiz V2

Harbourside quiz V1

Harbourside quiz ANSWERS