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To help promote Reinvent English over the holidays, we are offering all ESL teachers throughout Australia the opportunity to submit an ESL lesson plan in exchange for up to fifteen ESL resources (books, CD’s, software). This offer is in conjunction with Australia’s two premier ESL bookshops, Bridge bookshop in Sydney and Bookery in Melbourne.

* Amount of resources (books, CDs, software) dependent on complexity of the lesson plan. Please see website for example lesson plans here, here and here as a guide. Final amount of resources to be negotiated and agreed upon between the participant ESL teacher and Reinvent English.

Further information about this special offer is further down the page.

About Us

Reinvent English is a blog and a philosophy about English language teaching (ELT). One of its aims is to get learning English out into the real world. With the world as a classroom, anything is possible.

Perhaps walk along the Sydney coastline while on a treasure hunt then finish your adventure in a conference room at Bondi beach with dinner and drinks. Or learn vocabulary and grammar associated with golf in the clubhouse before walking out on to the course or driving range and teeing off.

Numerous studies have shown that ‘learning by doing’ is far more successful than traditional pedagogies. Reinvent English is experiential learning which aims to make ESL learning fun and unique. It is an idea whose time has come! Often the best day for students and teachers alike is excursion day, where the change of environment enhances the learning process.

Think of Reinvent English as a mix of study tour, event planning, excursion day, game show, variety show, conversation club, social event, class, corporate training and anything else really. Reinvent English gives both learner and teacher creative freedom to choose how to learn or teach.

Please click on this link to watch a basic video explaining the premise of Reinvent English.

The Offer! 

Perhaps you already have a favourite lesson plan that you use when you go on an excursion or at other times. Maybe you have an idea for one that you’ve always wanted to develop. Anything is possible!

Some possible (and by no means exhaustive) ideas for lesson plans:

Places (NSW only) – Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Sydney beaches, Newtown, Oxford Street, Sydney Harbour, Sydney City, Darling Harbour, your neighbourhood.

Or the equivalent in your state, city or neighbourhood!

Locations – pubs, clubs, restaurants, parks, gardens, galleries, museums.

Activities – BBQ, walking/hiking, concerts, festivals, shopping, sport, talks/lectures, wildlife, photography

Style – lesson, variety show, game show, corporate event, dinner party, night on the town, race/treasure hunt

Target market – high school students, adult students, business people, tourists, Asians, Europeans, Middle Eastern, South American, particular nationalities e.g. Japanese, male, female, gay/lesbian, families

Please see my demonstration lesson of a trivia night style lesson at the Seymour centre in Sydney here, as well as other demonstration lessons here and here.

Submission guidelines

At a minimum, a 2-3 page typed lesson plan is required. The format of the lesson plan could be similar to an ESL lesson plan, click here for an example, but could incorporate elements of run sheets for tourism activities or other events. Please feel free to add links, pictures/video, maps and other more dynamic visual elements to ‘jazz it up’ and really showcase your creativity.

At this stage your lesson plan is for online promotional and demonstration purposes to develop the idea of Reinvent English. That is, we would like to post your lesson plan on It is also, and just as importantly, for sharing with your fellow ESL teachers around Australia.

Please see the example lesson plans here, here and here created while developing the idea behind Reinvent English. Please be aware that submission of lesson plans is done under acceptance of an International Attribute-ShareAlike 4.0 creative commons license.

All submissions and enquiries are to be directed to

Collection/Delivery of Resources

Sydney participants are to collect resources from Bridge Bookshop, Melbourne participants from Bookery.

All other participants are to contact to negotiate delivery (that means we provide handling, you pay postage).

As a rough guide, 10 -12 books (5kgs) from Sydney to Hobart by Australia Post regular mail would cost $35.


In exchange for you creativity and hard work, Reinvent English in conjunction with Bridge Bookshop in Sydney and Bookery in Melbourne would like to offer 3-12*ESL resources.

Categories to choose from are included in the table below.

Please see website for a complete list of titles to choose from:

Category title
ESL Primary
ESL Primary/Secondary
ESL Secondary
ESL General English
Academic English (EAP)
ESL Skills – Reading, Vocabulary & Graded Readers
ESL Skills – Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation & Critical Thinking
ESL Skills – Writing
Exams – Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL, PTE, IELTS
Business English
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) – Technical, IT, Banking/Finance, Tourism, Construction, Nursing, A+P, Aviation, Hospitality + more
ESL Teaching Pedagogy
Teaching Pedagogy (Various)
Study Skills, Guides
Languages other than English (LOTE) – French, Italian, Japanese
Psychology, Health, High School textbooks

We will do our best to accommodate your preferences

* Amount of resources (books, CDs, software) dependent on complexity of the lesson plan. Please see website for example lesson plans here, here and here as a guide. Final amount of resources (5-15 items) to be negotiated and agreed upon between the participant ESL teacher and Reinvent English.

Any queries please email

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